November 19, 2011

New Writer (Selenasweetstar)

Hey, I'm Selenasweetstar you may know me from Stardoll and from the 2 blogs "Stardoll for cool Girls" and "Stardoll Sexiest". I'm a writer for that blog. And now I will be also writing for this blog. I will be writing about dream suites, so guestbook me saying Dream Suite to be ruffled to be picked! . Hope to see you around!

 This picture will be my sign for every post I do. So when ever I post you will see this picture or if I change you will know because it will say "Dream Suites" and it will say "Selenasweetstar".


Hey everyone! I did this short little interview for a contest on :D


Being a stardoll blogger with almost 1600 followers, Ghandoora is someone you would think to be known as the common stardoll "elite."

As a typical teenage girl, Ghadeer listens to music, goes on stardoll, and most importantly writes for various blogs. Ghadeer is friends with many girls that are top designers, and fellow bloggers. You would think that Ghadeer is stuck up. Hear the true thoughts, and feelings of Christine, and see what is really is like to live in the life of Ghadeer Carlos.

☆ Ghandoora The Boss ☆

*Please keep in mind that Ghadeer's main language is Arabic! I corrected some mistakes, but please be aware!

So, Ghadeer, you're the owner of, how did you get you're blog to reach almost 1600 followers? Was It a lot of hard work?
Hello all, well it’s really hard to make a famous blog in less than a year, I think the secret of having famous blog is our talented writers and their ideas :) Yes, It was very hard. You have to find good writers, and like their work. Also, advertising. That is hard work as well.

Would you consider yourself a stardoll "elite"?
Well I am Elite , but not in a bad way. I think It's nice to be a part of one of the special group's on a website that has over 150 million members. It makes me feel dedicated to stardoll.

What is your favorite thing about stardoll?
Hmmm.. well it’s really hard question , I think it’s having friends from all over the world with different ages, cultures and religions .. it’s really nice. You don't meet those people a lot in real life.

How did you come up with your username, "Ghandoora?"
Ghandoora is my nickname in real life, I've had it since I was a child, so I chose it to be my nickname on stardoll.

What do you honestly hate about stardoll?
I think it’s harassment , many members harassed me because of my nationality and my religion, it’s really annoying! People online can be very cruel at points.

Desribe yourself in 1 sentance.
A teenager who tries to be unique with her creativity.

What can you say to all the new bloggers that want followers?
Be unique , work on your blog very hard if you want your blog to be successful , don’t copy others, and be yourself.

Any final words?
Special thanks to you Kayci , I enjoyed answering these questions for the interview .. with my love 

With these simple answers, you really think...what is it like to live life like Ghandoora? 


Music time

Hey followers! S i decided that i want to work for another blog but i am so not giving up of this one! Anyway, it is time for music! You know, that thing i do sometimes! Here we go!

Honestly , i am not some Selena Gomez fan, i am not sure if i even like her, but i do like this song, "hit the lights"!  You have to check it out, if you haven't by now... Here is the link!

So, do you like it. please comment! Ugh, i hate Selena, but she does have some nice songs... OMG! What have i said? So unlike me! Anyway i need to go watch "Wizards of Waverly place"... Oh no! I am becoming a Selena Gomez fan!!! I need to go take a shower, i don't think i am feeling very well... :O

I made my first banner, it isn't special but i like it! So take a look! I am working on another one and it is gonna be better!

My Photo


November 17, 2011

Before - After makeup:D

Hello everyone :)
I am here with a new before and after makeup :D

PinkNatalaki is the model :)
It was difficult to make a makeup at her doll, as she is amazing at makeups! 
But I gave it a try!
Check it out:
 What do you think?

no suggestions! I wouldn't change a thing!

Don't forget to apply as a model here!

Kisses, Christine/ DEMI_LOVANTO_2!

November 16, 2011

StarDesign Jewelry


So, I got an email through on my blackberry from stardoll promoting the new feature StarDesign Jewelry. StarDesign is a designing studio where you can design clothes, furniture and now jewelry ! I think this is quite a good idea because sometimes you need just one piece of jewelry to complete your outfit and you can't find anything to match but now you can choose any colour, any design from sunglasses to hairbands and any gems to finish your masterpiece off !

The new design studio looks like this:

So, do you think this is a good idea or just another way for stardoll to make money ?


Before and after makeup :D

Hey lovelies :) How are you?
Pff I had a really bad mood today at school and the worst thing is that I had no reason!

Anyway, here is my makeup to pitifriki :)
Do you like it ?

I don't know... I think I would change the eyebrows or the eyes to their similar but at the superstar eyes. But If you don't change anything, your doll still looks so amazing!

p.s. These makeups are not made to hurt somebody! I just make a makeup for fun, and the suggestions are just MY OPINION! Okay? :)

If you wanna be my model, comment here!

Kisses, DEMI_LOVANTO_2 :)

November 15, 2011


Don't forget! Today is exchange day! So all of yo Superstars that have extra starcoins, if you don't need them, exchange the for stardollars! Available today! Do it now or wait for 14 more days (two weeks)!!!



Do you remember that post of mine? Where i told you that Stardoll is going a bit to far with Turkey! Well, here we go again!  The new MSW is from............. Turkey!!!!
Tell me you think it doesn't make any sense, cause it does!


November 14, 2011

Before and after :)

Hello sweet dollies :) Want an other makeup "before and after"?
I know I am not thaat good at it but I give it a try :) I hope I will soon be improved!

Today's model is bracken1234!

Check it out:
I tried to make something yellow, but it is a yellow-brown-light blue now.. haha! 
 This time, don't compare so much before and after because before is really amazing and after is not one of my bests :)

Suggestions: (for each makeup I will write a suggestion I would give to the owner of the doll)
I would change the nose if I were you, but I still believe your doll is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

Thank you for applying as a model Jamie-Leigh!

If you wanna apply too to get at the "before and after' makeups, comment here!

Many kisses, DEMI_LOVANTO_2


Ok, so i have decided that i will work harder on this blog from now on... I will write every day, and i will do my best to make it! But, if you see that i am not writing for some time, i must have a good reason not to!

You remember my posts about how to take care of your self and cute thing you can do without harming your hair, eyes... Those posts, also know an "Living" are back again!
Let me begin...

Hair styles

Some things that look amazing can be dome without destroying your hair with sprays and stuff. Sure all of you look at your hair and fix it when you wake up and stare at the mirror for some time, some of you may even do something special with it! Well, my hair is curly, so i have a hard time trying to make some interesting gom with it! Anyway...

This could be done very easy and quick, if you just pay attention  and brush your hair good...

You see that on the top, trust me, it is the easiest thing to do, and a lot of people know how to do it...


November 13, 2011

CG Dish

Covergirl Dish
Click to visit her!

Okay guys, today I have to cut this post a little short, so I will only be doing three topics. Sorry guys! Anyways, next week's Dish is on the cover girl probably, but still comment! 

The topics today are...
-Suite Rating
- Outfit Rating

B.E.P.Fan_4ever  has been working for my blog for a little while now, but I have to say she is 
very nice. She always comments on all of my posts, and she's very sweet. Again, like all of my other 
doll dishes with all of my fellow bloggers she is very nice. So, check her out!
5 Stars

Suite Rating
If you didn't know, B.E.P.Fan_4ever is not a superstar. So, her suite won't have many items in it, 
but for an un-superstar good job! I'm really impressed, her furniture matches very well! Stunning,
and beautiful room. It could use some more color though, I think. There's a little too much
pink, but If she likes it than that's okay! Otherwise, nice job!
4 Stars

Outfit Rating
WOW. B.E.P.Fan_4ever's outfit is amazing! Honestly I LOVE It! Everything matches perfectly. You can
just tell how she didn't automatically just get a dress from her closet and put it on. This outfit took time to 
pick out! For an un-superstar, amazing! I love it!
5 Stars!

Final Rating...
4.5 Stars!

Aultumn look:) (please watchh!)

Before and after makeup :)

Hello my wonderful readers :) 
I am Demi_Lovanto_2 :D 
Here is my new before & after!
Today, not anonymously, with the doll of imybimster :)
Check it out:
What do you think?
Waiting your opinion!

Don't forget to fill the application here if you want to get your me-doll a before and after makeup by me :)
Kisses, Christine!
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