June 11, 2011

Selena Gomez

Hey guys!
Today is the first of my new job! ;) haha from now on a long with writing whatever i want am going to write about how to look like a celeb! today is selena gomez! enjoy!

do you like the idea? how about the post?

love you all a ton!!!!

<3 Gwen

Starcoins or stardollars!

New feature today: Custom items can be sold for Stardollars OR Starcoins!

Now, when selling StarDesign items in StarBazaar, Superstars can choose to sell the item for either of the two currencies.  The option to choose between Stardollars and Starcoins will appear when you click on the custom item you’d like to sell.



June 10, 2011

Sunglasses & Thank You

Writers- you are all amazing, and thank you for getting followers, and keeping this blog in order while I was gone! You're all fantastic!

Hey everyone! I'm back! I've had exams all week, and I can finally start posting again on this marvelous blog! (:

What NOT to buy
Okay, well this picture is pretty self explanatory, but i'm going to state the obvious and say...DON'T buy sunglasses that are too small for you!!

DON"T buy giant bug-eyed sunglasses that are too big for you're face!

DO Buy sunglasses that are..perfect(:



Hey everyone, readers, and writers, I'm back from a long week of testing and exams! Ahhh...it feels sooo nice not to have to study for 2 hours for a week! anyways, please check out our writers, and current contests!

New hot buys stripe pants!!

Stardoll has realeased the striped pants from the hot buys collection!!

I personally love them very, Very much!!!!! I am about to buy them ;) and I thought It be cool to see how you would wear them! So if you want post in the comments a pocture of your doll and how you would wear the pants! This is not a contest just for fun! But everyone who does it will get there picture posted on the blog!! :) have fun!
Will you be buying these? Tell me what you think!!'


Your co-owner

(am soooo sorry I tried like five times to get the picture posted and it's not working... Am so bummed!!! So sorry!!!!)

Young Hollywood.

Young Hollywood
So,a new limited shop is out,it's called "Young Hollywood" And the dresses are really pretty :) It is something like Limited Edition and also, it has got a very cool interior :)

Free Items!!

New Free Items!



Lass den Sommer in allen Farben des Regenbogens leuchten - auch auf dem Gesicht deiner Doll! Zaubere ein sommerliches Makeup hervor und du bekommst ein paar umwerfende Augenwimpern... Beste Makeups werden außerdem mit Stardollars / Starmünzen belohnt!

xThe item you recieve is that colourful eye-lash, if you want it, follow this; 
►Free Rainbow Eyelashes 
-If you are from Germany or Austria, Log in and Enter contest HERE
-If you aren't from Germany or Austria, Follow these steps:
1)Go to German proxy like
proxy-de.stardoll-blog.de/ OR 4proxy.de/ OR rxproxy.com/OR
2)In blank box Paste stardoll link:
3)Click Browse OR Go
4)Log in stardoll
5)Now on the proxies Address/URL box Paste contest link: 
6)Click Go, Wait a little till page loads
7)Leave proxy, Go to stardoll as usual
Eyelashes should be in a Starplaza bag in your Beauty Parlor [:


Dia dos Namorados

Dia dos Namorados
O amor está no ar! 
Monte o seu cenário romântico, como você gostaria de celebrar o dia dos namorados, ganhe um prêmio surpresa e os 5 melhores cenários vão ganhar Starcoins.

Nao deixe de conferir o mascote love, ele está à venda no suiteshop e foi criado especialmente para o dia dos namorados do Brasil!

Você vai se apaixonar pela piscadinha dele! Clique aqui para comprar o seu =)

That's what you'll recieve ^^

Follow if you want: 
►Free Heart Balloon
-If you live in Brazil, Log in and Enter contest by clicking HERE
-If you don't live in Brazil
1)Go to Brazilian proxy:
OR tissi.net.br/proxy/
2)Paste stardoll link in the Web Address box of the proxy
3)Click GO
4)Log in stardoll
5)Copy and Paste the contest link in proxy Address bar: 
6)Wait till contest pages loads
7)Leave the proxy, Go to stardoll as usual
Balloon should be in a Starplaza bag in your suite [:
Available till 14.06


Sjung om studentens lyckliga dag!

Tar du studenten idag eller känner du någon annan som gör det?
Gör ett skolavslutningskollage och visa hur du firar din student eller hur du skulle firat om du tog studenten i år.

Alla deltagare får sin alldeles egna studentmössa och vinnarna belönas med ett fint pris!

Free Swedish Graduation Hat

Free Swedish Graduation Hat
-If you are from Sweden, Log in and Enter contest by clicking HERE
-If you aren't from Sweden, Follow these steps to get it:
1)Go to Swedish proxy like
2)In white blank box Paste stardoll link:
3)Click Go/Browse/Surf Now (it's up to proxy you use)
4)Log in stardoll
5)Now on the proxies URL link box Paste contest link:
6)Click Go, Wait a little till stardoll page loads
7)Leave proxy, Go to stardoll as usual
Hat should be in a Starplaza bag in your suite [:
Available till 24.06

Free Monte Carlo Dress

►Free Monte Carlo Dress
-If you live in USA - Log in and Visit MC campaign by clicking HERE
-If you don't live in USA - Follow these steps:

Go to USA proxy like
2)In the proxy's blank box Copy and Paste this link:
3)Click Go OR Hit Enter on keyboard
4)Log in stardoll
5)That's it, Leave proxy, Go to stardoll as usual
Dress should be in a Monte Carlo bag in your suite [:
Magda <3 ENJOYYY [;;

June 9, 2011

WOW! Amazing clothes for Non-SS

So, I visited someone and they had an amazing piece of wil candy and I saw that it was for STARCOINS! Wow, just wow. I'm amazed, I'm definatly going to spend MY starcoins on them!  And course, this shop isn't so popular, but since the amazing clothes that aren't for ss there...it MUST be popular  like LE..Nahh LE is more popular ;L Anyway please visit WILD CANDY and by one of the amazing  piece of clothings.

Stardoll updates

hey guys xxxluvxx here ! sorry i havent been posting its just we had a tragic death in my family :( anyway here is some info on the latest covergirl for stardoll . here name is phb10 , she is from poland , she IS a royalty member and has 6311 starpoints ! here is a pic of her and her latest scenery 


by the way it is the same doll :)  her suite is lovely :) sorry i cant show you or give you a link my computer isnt working very well so i am getting a new one tomorrow :) 

June 8, 2011

Free Items.

I see so many of you really want more free items. Well here are some;


Free Sunflower Print Dress

►Free Sunflower Print Dress

-If you are from Poland, Log in and Enter contest by clicking HERE
-If you aren't from Poland, Follow these steps:
2)In the blank box of proxy site Paste stardoll link:
3)Click GO/Idz/OK (it's up to proxy you use) OR just Hit Enter on keyboard
4)Log in stardoll
5)Now on the proxies URL/Address link box Paste the contest link:
7)Leave the proxy, Go to stardoll as usual
Dress should be in a Starplaza bag in your suite [:
Available till 19.06

Maya <3

By the way, sorry there wasn't free stuff in ages. Stardoll hasn't lately been making free clothes or competitions etc. Sorry, don't blame me, blame stardoll ;DDD

Hot User Designs!

 I'm so sorry I haven't written in like Ages ;L Just too excited cause I'm going to Poland on July 22nd WOO ;DDD


They are very good designs!
, but look at the bottom design. Don't you see that in the Hot User Designs quite often? I mean...Vote for other desgins people!

Maya <3 comment if you see that bottom design very often [;

June 7, 2011

NEW store!! Young hollywood!!

Stardoll have just realeased a new limited store called "Young Hollywood".

I love this new store! And there clutches are off the hook!! I just wish I had more then 20 sd :(

Your lovely co-owner

Gwen ;)

June 6, 2011

New contest

Hi guys !!!!!!! I'm hosting my firs contest . So I need you to make the bes fashion show spring/summer 2011 . So send me pictures of other medolls in there best outfits and send them to me in form of a comment or in a message . My nickname is Bloom_James .

xoxo . Ana/Bloom

The Hot buys swimsuit is out!!

Hey guys!! Today stardoll realeased the hot buys swimsuit!!!

<3 gwen

(am having problems up loading photos... Sorry)


hey guys i am a new writer for SASSY STARDOLL MAGAZINE . i will update you on all the latest news on stardoll :) i cant wait to get started ! i will publish my first post tomorrow .  
  1. xxxluvxx
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