June 21, 2012


Hey everyone! I just want to let you know that the blog will be undergoing a huge makeover. I know there really hasn't been much posting---but it's getting better---so I want a fresh start with the blog look. So, if the blog design keeps changing, ignore it please :)

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Mother of Miley Cyrus Adds Blessing to Liam Hemsworth Engagement :)

Over 45% believed Miley Cyrus was too young to be engaged - but the parents of this 19-year old are on board with her plans to marry Liam Hemsworth.
"Wow! All of the love pouring out for Miley and Liam is incredible! So happy for my precious baby girl and the love of her life!" mother Tish Cyrus Tweeted yesterday.
Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus Together
Her encouragement followed a post by Billy Ray Cyrus, which also expressed pure pride and satisfaction in Miley's decision.
Tish and Billy Ray went through their own marital problems in early 2011, even announcing a divorce before later reconciling. All seems okay between the couple now, giving their daughter an opportunity to learn that marriages can sometimes be rough.
But, in the end, it's really all about the climb. We heard that somewhere.
PS : Sorry for not writing , I was kinda busy because my cousin came to my home & I was on a 10 days holiday in Macedonia .

June 20, 2012

Happy Summer!

Happy Summer everyone! I'm so sorry I haven't been posting. I've been so busy, but anyways I wish you all a happy summer!

Split after 14 years

Well, this is it. Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis are no more. They announced their split, even tough Johnny said that it's just rumors about a month ago on Dark Shadows London premiere. So sad. They had two children. The girl-Ugh, i hate her. She dresses like a ***** and she is only 13. C'mon... But i liked Vanessa. Other from her teeth, she is really beautiful with her mouth closed.




I know no one reads or comments on this anyway, so i won't even ask for comments.
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