September 9, 2011

The Daily Gossip

Hey, sorry i didn't write, i was in Greece, well, i still am but i found an internet cafe. Anyway, i am back with my daily gossip, and there must be something to gossip about today, right?
Oh, and please inform me if you wan me to stop with these posts, if you think the're rude.
But magazines & newspapers don't write sweet things every other day...

Today i will talk about today's CG: Anisah10! She has no feet accessorize or hand accessorize, well, just *1* diamond for her hands! I am not  saying that's wrong, but as a CG and a Royalty member... 

Also: Don't you think stardoll is going to far with the nail polishes? Polished has 5 collections: 2 of them are normal, classic polishes, one of them is Sea of Stars, 1 of them is Mortal Kiss and the last one is MSW! I mean: WOW! take it easy!  

Speaking of Miss Stardoll World, you you know this dress that is  on the girl? On this picture that we know about and have seen like 20 times on 20 places? It is a dress that we got for free when it was the 111 111 celebration! Sure you remember! Take a look! 



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