December 12, 2012

The Perks Of Owning a Smartphone

Hello readers! Agh I only have 7.5 days left of school, until winter break! Winter break means more posts! I'm so sorry for not posting a lot, I wish school didn't take over my life. This week is wretched so far! I have tests or quizzes every day! 3 more to go! Hopefully I'll do good on all of em'. Anyways, I was longing to write a quick and intriguing posts informing you all about smart phones! Why own one? Do you have a you want one? Or is a basic phone 'okay' for you?

I remember when I was 11, and I got my first phone. It was just a basic phone, nothing special, and then when I was 13, 2 years later, I got another basic phone. As some of you may not realize, I'm someone who is particularly good with technology, and I love it! After almost 4 years of basic phones, I was finally lucky enough to receive an iPhone!

I absolutely love my iPhone. It's so convient, and I use it for various things! I check my grades all the time thanks to Safari...also known as apple's "internet explorer," I use convient apps ranging's app, or Pandora radio to listen to some music, to Instagram for personal enjoyment! 

If you have the interest and money, go for a smartphone! They're really not that expensive, and I personally like them so much better than basic phones!


Answer in the comments!
Do you have a smart phone? If so, do you prefer it over a basic phone?


LaLaLina said...

Hmm..I have a smartphone, but I really don't care bout electronics! I just need it to do the basics, the other stuff is just marketing.

Lina :)

Martyna ZoƩ Talulah said...

Cool post Kayci, I'm not really into gadgets, I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 & I'd call myself someone who loves saving electricity :D Nice post, I enjoyed reading it :)

Xoxo Martyna

Anonymous said...

i wish i had an iphone lol

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