September 8, 2011

Must Have :)

Hey guys(: I'm back from my holiday! I'm very tanned!
Anyway I'm back with a New Must Have Competition!

All you need to do is put the chosen item into an outfit and leave the link in the comments along with your stardoll name. The contestants outfits will be posted into a poll and the person with the most votes will win.

I have chosen: Midnight velvet harem pants from PPQ
Here is my example*:

So, just put that  in an outfit on stardoll, print screen, save onto paint, upload to tinypic and post the link with your stardoll name in comments!

But.... this time there is a twist..........
All together the outfit MUST cost 95sd/ 950sc or less!!
Don't know the rules or how to upload? Click >>>HERE<<< (sorry that the link is to Ghandoora's blog :L)

Deadline to comment with your link is MONDAY!

P.S You MAY win prizes

Love, Jen/MissElydia1999


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