August 23, 2012

Choose your way to fight

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Followers, this is another of my posts, but just a bit different. Did the title make you curious. I think yes. If not, fine. If yes, then good, cause that was my point. Let's get to it, shall we? p.s. I am so happy about the makeover, below, i already started using the new colors. Eek! 

The world, no doubt is not the safe place it used to be. That's why, me and Anna decided to start attending classes for martial art. After a lot of thinking, we knew what we wanted. Something that would suite both me and her. And from September, we're doin' it. We chose Iaido. So, many of you, might wonder what art is for you. Fear not, my pupils, i, Lina, shall help you! I've prepared this little sort of, maybe, perhaps, from one point of view, somehow a quiz...

#1: What attracts you the most, of these kinds of fighting?
*Fighting that person, head on, no fear! It's just you and me, look me in the eyes! 
*Noble, calm fight. I can feel you behind me... I can see you with my eyes closed! 
*Quick, unnoticeable moves. He'll never know what hit them!
* (jumping on the person) You are: GOING DOWN! BOOM!!! 

#2: What do you feel is the best?
*Spiritual fighting

#3: Would you prefer:
* Fighting with your legs

#4: Is it okay if you use something while fighting? (e.x. Katana, or those thing boxer put on their hands that i forgot the name of, sword, etc...)
*Doesn't matter, as long as i kick but!!
*Sounds cool
*No, i prefer kicking them in the head with my foot

#5: Are you quite religious? (I know it's a weird question, but trust me it is important)
*Yes a bit
*Yes of course
*No, not at all

#6: You do realize you'll have to behave in class? No chatting! And the teacher is called Sensei, nothing else! And he has every right to kick you or ban you from class! He's not your ordinary school teacher. Understood?
*Yes, understood.
*Ugh, fine. -__-

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*If you chose the first star, its OVS, you need something live fencing, boxing or Hung Gar. 
*You probably need something like Iaido, Nothern Shaolin or even Tai Chi.
*I would say the BEST you can do is start Ba Ghua Zhang 
*Kendo is my suggestion for you. But also, it is GREAT to choose Aikido.

*Try Northern Shaolin. But the best one for you is Iaido.
* Sumo, or even boxing. Jui-Jitsu as well is amazing!
*This one is Hung Gar

*Teakwondo, Karate or even Northern Shaolin. Jeet Kune Do
*Ba Ghua Zang, Tai Chi, Northern Shaolin itself, Karate, Keyci Fighting method and so much more!
* Sumo, Jui-Jutsu and boxing at some maters. 

*Iaido, boxing, fencing.
*Those above
*Any other that doesn't include special gadgets. 

*Wing Chun is okay for that mater
*Try Iaido
*Hung Gar, Karate, those kinds.

*Oh yeah, better get your priority straight! 
*Don't give the Sensei that attitude! 

Loong post, huh?
Well, i hope you had time to read it!
Make sure you let me know what you think,
Linna ♥ ❤ 


Martyna/Starbuster15✿◕ ‿ ◕✿ said...

Wow thats a good post! :) It helped, I am thinking of attending martial arts classes, wow! This is such a great post.(: I can see why Kayci loves your posts so much :)

LaLaLina said...

Well, i guess i just take a lot of time to write them. Thanks btw! : ) What kind of martial art are you thinking of?

Kayci♥ said...

wow, very interesting Lina! Good work! Sounds cool :)

LaLaLina said...

Thanks guys!

Martyna/Starbuster15✿◕ ‿ ◕✿ said...

I am thinking of the hybird martial arts? And its fine :) Your posts are just so amazing! :D

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