September 6, 2011

Spoiler Alert!

Sassy Stardoll Magazine Volume 2 Is coming soon!?
Well, that Is...possibly.
The magazine is in the hands of you,!
We need the following, so the magazine gets published.
15-30 models
1-3 GOOD graphic designers
and, well readers!

Why would you want to make a magazine official if no one is going to read it? 

We need views, and lots of them.
If you want to be in the magazine, you got to lead the magazine, to fame, and 
help people win Sassy Stardoll's new magazine title, like a model, or writer!

Plus all you lucky writers, models, and the crew---will be able to hear the NEW SASSY STARDOLL MAGAZINE SEGMENT!

Only you can, and If you tell someone your done.

So, apply now!

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