September 9, 2011

Icon of the day

I am also back with Icon Of The Day...
I think is pretty cool! Anyway, i i have to tell you, that there will be days when i will forget to write  or go somewhere, that happens to everyone so don't kill me!
Today: Penelope Cruz! I think that she is a very beautiful Spanish woman that is also an actress in Hollywood!
Just finished with Pirates of the Carebean: On stranger tides! She is working on tho new movies! I am talking about: The Bop Decameron and Venuto al mondo. I think that she is really successful! 
In her acting history she has a lot of movies! 

Now: Filming 2 new movies
She is born: April 28, 1974
Relation Status: Merried. (private wedding) 
From: Spain
Speaks: English, Spanish, Italian.

Xoxo, see ya tomorrow,

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