September 2, 2012

Making the right choice

Helly followers and fellow writers. Sorry i wasn't posting so long.  Anyway, the new school year means changes. Now, i know many of you already have it planned what side of you will be shown to the classmates and/or the others this year. Well, so have I.

I did not just decide what side of me will I offer to people this year, but i have changed my lifestyle over the summer. Things such as:
-My organisation
-Health and body

Organisation (what can you do about it)

As far as i know, every school year brings something new, something harder. Some years may bring your organisation on a test. This year does it for me. And since i have more subjects, and out of school activities (For me: Piano, English lessons(i don't live in USA, you see), French lessons, Volleyball, Horse riding, Pilates), i don't have time for anything else. 
For that reason, i gave up of the things that don't mean as much in my life. AKA Facebook and Stardoll, and my Art Lessons. 
Things you can do:

*Give up the things that don't mean as much to you, or won't help you with your dream career.
*Realize: You are not WonderKid, to be able to do everything! 
*Get an Agenda is it helps you
*Give up lazy moments on the sofa, when you do...Nothing. 

Health and Body (Not as hard)

Have you ever wondered how celebrities have time for EVERYTHING? Well, they don't. A lot of things for them are done by other people (cook, maid, cleaner, gardener). Well, some of us can't afford all that (check organisation above). But they do seem to have a lot of time for their body (Rihanna talks to her life coach 8 hours a day). It's not hard to do it without a life coach, you see, here is what you can do:

*Avoid: mayo, oil, cookies, margarine, being lazy, juices, flour (yes, i said it). And most certainly: NO FAST FOOD. 
*Try: Cooking with olive oil. Eat more vagies and fruits. Fish-you can eat an entire fish, not be hungry and gain less then 100 calories. 
*Take care of your teeth. Brush them 3 times a day, each 2-3 minutes. 
*Take care of your hair (more info-other pots on this blog)
*And don't forget to read Sassy Magazine for more tips. 


Bye for this half of the post (too long),

To be continued...


Anonymous said...

hmmm olive oil? i'll remember that tip. like ur topic!

LaLaLina said...

:)) Part 2 is up! And yes, Olive Oil is very healthy, and has less calories. Plus, it is very easy to get used to.

Martyna/Starbuster15✿◕ ‿ ◕✿ said...

Thats great! :D I'm going to read part two now :P

-Martyna xx

LaLaLina said...


Eris/ MissAdelajda100 said...

This blog has become a favourite of mine and that's all because of these tips and advices you give. Great job!

Martyna/Starbuster15✿◕ ‿ ◕✿ said...

This is amazing :D And I also give out tips. I don't know what people think of them though, I bet they think its trash...

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