September 9, 2011


Hey, So I've decided to let the other writer to write about Free items, I will now be writing and posting about HTML And will be putting up samples for you to use and giving you all the information about how to make presentations or how do you do the click and drag method. 

When I put the samples up(about a few days time) And you use it, You must leave the part that says "All rights reserved by starbuster9000" I will find you if you copy, So don't be stupid and copy o.O So... I guess  I'll talk to you later on this week when I'll put on a sample.(:

I have school, As most do, I started  it a few days ago, Since I'm on 8th Grade now, I will have more homework which leads the results to being I won't be able to be as active on stardoll or writing on blogs like I did in the summer holidays. So I hope Kayci won't get angry if I only write twice a week.(:

I've also got to say I've turned into quite an insane person, So yeah :P

Martyna, The most insane person ever.

Signature for proof its me:

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Martyna/Starbuster15 ❁✿◕ ‿ ◕✿❁ said...

lol im so weird :/ I'm so upset i lost the password for that blog account -.- ugghhhh

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