September 5, 2011

The Daily Gossip

Not that i want to be rude but this is gossip, so i have to!
Famous beauty queen and one of the top designers anita_o is known also for being a great girl and a great teacher outside Stardoll didn't change her clothes since i last visited, and that was 1 month ago!

And everything else-LE
But, she has to change it one day!

Also, the girl that is known under the Nickname Debbie_Kitty is really being rude by not doing the smallest favor to other medolls! Like: Join My club please: No way, i don't join clubs! ;D If you see the list of the things that we need to know about her but we don't like it is bigger that the whole presentation!

 Xoxo, and if any follower is a friend of them ,
this is a daily gossip,
don't take it wrong
Laura_James :*

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