July 10, 2011

Stardoll's dress inspiration

Sorry i didn't post for 2 days, and i am so sorry, but i won't post anything from the type living...  :(
While listing a French magazine (i didn't understand a thing) i saw a model from the brand Paul & Joe wearing the same dress i got when i became spring (or another) pass.I made my medoll look like the modell, got dresses in that dress, now i am ready to show it to you...


This isn't the only example! I got another one for ya! This time it's a Prada dress! I can show it to you, i have that dress and i'm sure you have it too! Stardoll was giving it for free!  Sorry my medoll's hair style should be on the other side.


If i find more i'm gonna post it,
Laura :)

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