July 11, 2011

2 New free items! (You'll be suprised with the 1st one)

Eyyo, So today, i saw a stardoll contest that says you can win Lip Gloss! Here are the steps to get it:

If you live in the UK, Click : HERE, Then you will be in a contest, You must follow the steps and like their facebook page, If you don't have facebook, Just create account ;P
-If you are not from the UK then follow thos steps:
1)Go to one of these proxy:
2m4u.com/ OR daveproxy.co.uk/ OR docoja.com/blue
2)Paste sthis link beneath into the blank box
3)Hit enter on keyboard or just click go
4)Log in stardoll
5)Now in the proxies URL/Address Paste campaign link
6)You will be redirected to a blank page, it's okay
7)Leave the proxy, Go to stardoll as usual 
Gloss should be in a Maybelline bag in your Beauty Parlor [:

-If you are from Portugal, Log in and Enter the contests by clicking
For Dress and Bag: HERE
For Brown Shoes and Belt: HERE
For SS Only: HERE it's the same contest as for Poland today, so maybe it's the same tee, I didn't get anything, if you do get something, let me know what it is [:
-If you aren't from Portugal - Follow these steps to get it:
You have to Set a Portugal manual proxy like
How to set manual proxy? Read HERE
IP Address: Port: 3128
When you have set the manual proxy -
1)Go to stardoll.com Log in
2)Copy and Paste the contest page link:
(It probably won't load Portugal proxies at first, I usually Log in and Out and the Refresh the contest page few items, if it still doesn't load close your browser and all the tabs and open it an then go to the contest page again)
3)If you see Portugal contests, Turn off the proxy and Enter them by clicking
For Dress and Bag: HERE 
For Brown Shoes and Belt: HERE
For SS Only: HERE (not sure what the item is, if there is anything - tell me)
Items should be in Starplaza bags in your suite [: 
Available till 13.07
As usual - if you have had the items, you won't get them again
XOXO Kaylee/starbuster9000, Enjoy your items (P.S. If you want the LIP Gloss but you already have LUXE Clear lip gloss and you want the lip gloss, don't take it, It's exactly the same as LUXE Clear gloss)

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