July 13, 2011

vACATion + No more writing for few weeks.

So writers, I'm going on vacation next Friday to Poland to see grandparents and many of my family. Now, I won't be posting much, I will be too busy! So, I will miss you all, and I have to stop writing for a few weeks. I will be back soon. And this is a very important vacation for me, So that does mean A BREAK FROM STARDOLL AND BLOGS EVEN MY BLOG. (;

Bye! (: 

►The Polish airport I'll be in when I arrived in Poland:

Krakow airport

About where I live in Poland:

The airplane from Krakow you can see, I will go from Krakow all the way near Zakopane which will be in Opole and it will be about 2 hours drive from the airport.
The plane I'll be flying by:
And the Flight company i will be flying by is Ryanair:

That is a clear picture of the Flight Companie's name^ ^
Sorry about that :L I'm SO excited though! Bye for a few weeks (;
Xoxo Kaylee/STarbuster9000

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