July 13, 2011


Hi(:! I'm going to Montenegro for two months so I must take my vacation because there isn't any internet there . kkrrbb78 if you don't approve my vacation plz say so because this is really important to me . Thanks and here is a picture where I am going to be :

love ya all Ana/Bloom_James


Laura_JamesSD said...

Ana! I am gonna kill you than rip your hard out!!! I haven't heard from you for 1 month! I didn't even know you were going anywhere! I taught you were staying in Crana Gora!!! Ohhh! On 1 of September i am gonna kick your ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ana said...

I was in Montenegro and I came back for a wedding , I'm going back in Montenegro in a week , I am coming on the 4th of September , oh and my mom told me about the flower .

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