July 10, 2011


If you are from the country Turkey, then click : HERE
-If you are not from turker, click : HERE
You will be in a contest, enter it & flowers should be in the starplazza bag inside the suite
- If that didn't work then Follow these steps:

Go to Turkish proxy(copy & paste) :
gizlinet.org/ or gizlibak.com/ or arrudanet.com.br/  (Choose any you like)
In the blank box, copy + paste this stardoll link below:
Click on Go or Git or click Enter on your keyboard
Log in stardoll
Now on Address: Paste the contest link:
then Click Go
When page has loaded Leave the proxy, Go to stardoll & the
Flowers should be in bag in the suite
Available till 03.08

Kaylee, Enjoy the item (:

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