September 23, 2012

Pets and important notice

Hey, Martyna here. I don't know about you, but I'm in love with animals. Especially cats, I have 2 cats, one of them lives with me, and the other one lives with my uncle. The one that lives with me, is called Lilly, she is 4 years old, in human age, she is 34 years old. My cat that lives with my uncle is 7 years old, in human age, she is 44. You might have a guinea pig, dog, rabbit, hamster, budgie, ghecko, fish etc. Each and every one of these pets should be cared for, even if you think they're always moody, no matter what. Now, you must understand your pets, if they seem grumpy, you need to know why.
It is good to keep your pets fit and healthy, spend time with it and play lots of games. However, if your pet is not in the mood(you should tell if they don't respond as if they're in the mood to play), you should just leave it to rest. Now, with personal experience with my cats, I know what its like. I wanted to play with my cat, and she was clearly not in the mood, she didn't respond, she just stayed in her position.
Play with your pets(this only occurs to cats and dogs) before you go to sleep, to be sure that they go to school when you do. Therefore, they'll feel equal.
Very important notice:
Thanks for reading my post.(: Comment on what you think. Sorry, I won't be posting for up to 2 weeks, my laptop's charger is broken, and some men will come to repair it. So this is my last post for around 2 weeks.
Xoxo Martyna

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