April 19, 2011


Todays CoverGirl is SmartAmeera!
About her
name: ameera
From: Saudi Arabia
Favorite celebrity:
Miranda Cosgrove 2
Favorite music:
Favorite movie:
Favorite food:
Ice cream
Favorite color:
Butter yellow
Future dream job:
Favorite TV-show:
Dancing With the Stars
Eye color:
Hair color:
Spending my time with:


Suite: 5/10, not the best, could use a lot more creativity, its just very boring for a CoverGirl.

Medoll: 6/10, nice but won't cut it for me, again need to be more CREATIVE!

Style: 6/10, its okay, right now she's wearing LE, but not the creative or that nice.

All in All: shes a five.

I Personally have NO IDEA why she won. Not to be rude, i've just seen better, she didn't really show her personality or her creativity though her suite, style or medoll.
If she would have shown more of who she is, and creativity, she would be a grate CoverGirl.

Do you like my posts? Do you think am too hard on the CoverGirls? Please comment below with what you think so i can write for you better!

Lots of love ;D

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