April 17, 2011

CG Today!

Todays covergirl is ashleesoul! crongrats!!

All About Her

Name - Ashlee
From - Saudi Arabia, Jeddah


Suite - 9/10, well i know why she's cover! Her suite is amazing! Each room is very nice! I wish i had that much talent!

Medoll - 7/10, her doll is okay, It's a little boring if you ask me... i like the lips, but the eyes don't thrill me.... and the hair is boring, maybe a little more blush, some highlights, and different eye shape.

Style - 6/10, Her style bores me.. it's not very good and not at all interesting..

All in all - she's a nice 7.

She also has a blog - Ashlee-stardoll.blogspot.com. but i like this one better ;D


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