April 21, 2011

Lucky Winner? Or Unfair vote?

Most of you would be stunned and outraged if you just happened to win 2nd place in the "Most popular design." But, a new stardallion who only has 15 starpoints, just got a prize that she doesn't even know about.

Look at this picture, and look who won 2nd place today...
Her stardoll name is "Ruth94240" and she claims to be only 9 years old.
Do you honestly think this is fair?
Many fellow stardoll girls work very hard to be on the list. My good friend, anita_o has been trying to get on that list for about 2 months, but this new stardoll girl gets on in 1 or 2 days?

Designers work hard and take pride in their work, but this girl
basically just clicked black, and then sew. Is that work of a true designer?
I think not.


1 comment:

anonymous.little.blogger said...

i think her design got shown a bit times than some others and was able to more votes but i think each design should only be allowed to be shown on the voting system say 100 times?? that way nothing unfair like this will happen again :)

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