March 17, 2011

Chloes Curtain.

This is Chloe's Curtain , but my banner is not letting me copy and paste!:/

I have a lot to say today , So let's get on!

There is No proxy needed for this item , but you must be logged on to stardoll already before clicking the link!


One of the hotbuys I like has been released today!!

So today I Was Clicking around stardoll when i found this..

Pick of the Day

It is actually ok looking! It is from fudge and I actually adore the coloring! The price is 10 stardollars , not too bad I guess. I will probably not buy it , because it is NOT stunning!
What do you think?


The last thing i would like to say today is my album. It is not finished yet ,but it will be soon! Every vote counts so please could you check it out ?

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