March 14, 2011

The "Elites" of Stardoll

Latley, on Stardoll blogs, i've seen "Elites" or as people on stardoll would say...famewhores. Featured on the famous "Memoires Of a MeDoll" blog and on Stardoll E! News. You can see how some "Famous" stardoll users are mean, or how i like to call them...bitches. You see this all around, how some girls ask for a simple friend request and get a rude response. This is basically cyberbullying.
Many people sit here at their computers and just type away acting like jerks, not even thinking what they're saying to people.
Everyone on stardoll wants to get attention, become covergirl, and have a hot blog. You know it's true, and you probably want this too. I do, it would be a dream come true for this blog to get 1,000 followers like Stardoll's Most Wanted.

Think About What You Say on Stardoll! There are people behind that computer!

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misslindsayrae said...

That is soo True! But usally the Elites are mean to Non-SuperStars, which is rude! They are people too! and they are just as important as the rest of the human beings trying to have fun on Stardoll. One of my Bestfriends, TheKnsy2k, is an ELite, and she is sweet as can be! She is nice and wonder to EVERYONE! I wish people were more like her! (and kkrrbb78 of course) But, she has became sick of stardoll! :O IKR?! But! She became that way because people were being rude in her Guestbook, and saying things that just proves kkrrbb's point, and it shows that they are jealous! Someone even said that she cheated! (she won like a million awards: NCG, best design like eight times (no exaggeration) Album, and more!) Now, how do you cheat on Stardoll??? Well, there's ways... but thats not my point.


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