December 9, 2012

How to study history and French...

Yeah, so, no one is posting... Again. Yeah, yeah, I'll break the ice. Again.
Anyway, I have a new segment. It's more of a school segment, and obviously, it will end fast. About 5 post about this. New one every day... I'm moody today. Whatever.
How to study History?
Have you ever had difficulties studying History? Well, I know I haven't! But, there are some of you out there that need to know how I got to my expertise. You guessed it, number one in my class. Probably in my generation...Zoning off. I won't tell you all my secrets, naturally.
-Start studying. -__-
-Study regularly.
-Have a flawless memory.
-Don't be lazy, start doing homework
-Love History(not impossible)
-Love your teacher(almost impossible, almost..)
-Read History books, watch movies, etc...
How to study French?
Often, you have to study French. Yes, you do. Fear no more.
-Yeah, same goes here, start studying.
-Take notes in class
-Listen to the teacher-very important!
-Do your homework!
-Re-write the difficult words.
-Re-write the texts.

Now, turn off the computer...

Bye. Lina


Anonymous said...

why do you always insult the writers if you want people to post....get more writers.........

LaLaLina said...

Just how am I supposed to do that? I left Stardoll...-__- And yes, I always insult them. That's ME. Take it or leave it. Or get over it.

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