September 1, 2012

How to Bleach Denim Shorts

    • How to Bleach Denim Shorts

      Lay the old towel on a flat surface, and arrange your shorts on top of it. If you want to make the front of your shorts look different than the back, insert a plastic garbage bag into the shorts so the bleach won't soak through.

    • Pour some liquid bleach into a plastic bowl. Do not use a metal bowl because bleach on metal can cause a chemical reaction.
    • Put on your gloves, and dip the sponge in the bleach. Use the sponge to dab and paint bleach patterns on the shorts. Turn the shorts over and do the other side as well.

    • Wash the shorts in a cold laundry cycle. Do not put any other clothes in the washer. Do not let the bleach sit for long on the shorts before you wash them because it can eat right through the denim fibers.
    • Let your shorts dry. If you want to make the look more dramatic, repeat the process. If you're feeling that that's not enough, use a razor and sandpaper to distress your shorts .(this will also work on jeans)


The longer you leave bleach on your short, the lighter they will get.

Have Fun! xoxo Carly/ famouswolf


Anonymous said...

so cool! im totally doing this!

Martyna/Starbuster15✿◕ ‿ ◕✿ said...

Wow! Amazing! :D Thank you.(: I tried it, right now the shorts are drying.(: Thanks Carly, your the best! :]

Xoxo Martyna/Starbuster15

NeonTiara. said...

Thanks for the info! I might try it (:

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