December 13, 2012

Live Strong Women

Hello, Lina here,
Ever wanted to look better, be healthier or exercise? Don't have time for classes? No problem!
LiveStrong Women! Everything you need! Tips, yoga, pilates, etc... I showed it to my friend, and she loved it, just like i do.

Almost every day you get a video with simple tips.
These videos are called: "Just a little bit better" with Kerri Glassman!

"Pilates Bootcamp" Mondays with Cassey Ho! 

"Tone it up Tuesdays" with Karena and Katrina! 

"Perfect Form" Wednesdays with Ashley Burden!

"The yoga solution" Thursdays with Tara Styles! (ilovethissomuch!)

"A-List Look Fridays" with Valerie Walters! 

Yes, this post it long,
but you'll love me for it if you try it!
Comment please!


Martyna Zoé Talulah said...

Wow, Lina! You're posts are AMAZING o: I've always been into fitness & excersise. I use Zumba and many other things. But this is just awesome! Thanks so much Lina, I really do love you :D

-Martyna x

Anonymous said...

i did an exercise in gym today! never thought about doing yoga!!! Thank you for da ideas!

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