October 9, 2011

Halloween Doll Dish

October Update
This month for all of my "Doll Dish" posts (not including CG Dish) I am ONLY dishing on girls who are dressed in costume in honor of Halloween, or Day of the Dead. If you are un-superstar, that doesn't mean you can't join in on the fun! Click HERE to get some makeup that you can buy with starcoins! Also, un-superstars can buy fangs, and accessories for starcoins, too. So, if you are not a superstar, show me how creative you can be with starcoins!

Today I am Dishing On....
New topics for October are....
-Costume Creativity
-Scary/Creative Halloween Makeup Fit with Costume
-Scary/Creative Halloween Suite (Can fit with costume)

Costume Creativity
Demi_Lovanto_2 is showing her Halloween creativity by dressing as a elegant princess who lives in an Ice Castle. Is it unique or different? Well, yes! Usually, where I live princesses are quite common, but on stardoll Demi is the first princess I've seen! God job, Demi! Way to show your creativity! The only con in this outfit is that the gown is just one piece of clothing. To get a full 5 stars, Demi should of used other clothing objects or curtains in the suite shop/etc.

4 out of 5 stars! :D

Halloween Makeup
Being a princess, Demi_Lavanto_2 doesn't really need to change her makeup around that much. But, what really ruined her chance of getting 5 stars?  A tattoo. Why would a princess have a tattoo? Pretty self explanatory, don't you think? But, back to the positives. Demi shows her warm, sweet princess character by giving herself a light purple smokey eye, which to me, completes her look.

4 out of 5 stars! :D

Halloween Suite Decor
In this picture, you see how Demi_Lovanto_2 completes her princess costume by adding Unicorns and flowers to her suite. And of course, a castle. Normally, I would give this room a low ranking, but since It's October, I'm going to have to give this room....
4.5 Out of 5 Stars!
Show your inner monster by dressing up your doll in a scary, yet appropriate costume for Halloween, or show your sweetness by dressing up as something else.
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Happy Halloween, readers!

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DEMI_LOVANTO_2/ evanescenceakii said...

Thanks for dishing me! ;) And for the 4 stars you gave me! :)♥

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