October 10, 2011

Check it out

Hello people of Earth! Today I do really want to talk to you about some websites that i go to check every day! Actually, i will tell you what do i usually do when i have time to waste on the Internet!

-For Starters, i go to Tv-Links, and watch iCarly or Victorious.
-Next i go to these 2 cool websites: TheSlap.com and iCarly.com
-I log in to Facebook, to see if there is anything interesting. (usually nothing)
-I go to this blog (kkrrbb78.blogspot.com) (if i have time, i write something, or i just see whats new)
-i don't have much time left to i quickly go to Stardoll, answer if there is anything to answer than log out.

And now something more about everything that i just said:
This is all just "if you didn't know" if yo do click back now, i will wait


Times up!

iCarly is a really popular website, because it is something that was made after the TV series iCarly.
iCarly are very popular and they come from Nick (Nickelodion).
Every week there is something new, videos, images & more... Staring in every video: Sam (Jennette Mccurgy), Carly (Miranda Cosgrove) & Freddie (Nathan Kress). Check out iCarly.com now!!!

This comes from the Nickelodion Tv series Victorious!
Comedy, that is all about a girl named Tori Vega, and her life an Hollywood Arts.
Thant site also offers videos, and can pretty much tell you everything about he characters, and what they
do at their High School!

Sassy Stardoll Magazine

Yeah i think you know about his site...

Yap, i think you know about this one as well, don't you?

Yeah, sorry, but i gotta go now,

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