October 9, 2011

Celebrity Look-A-Like

Hey everuone! I made a makeup tutorial inspired by Beyonce! Here is my inspiration:

Here is what you have to do in steps:

1.Apply some black mascara for long eyelashes.

2.Apply some black mascara for fat eyelashes.

3.Apply some neon green eyeliner like in the image.

4.Put some yellow eyeliner in the inner corner of the eye.

5.Put the pink lipstick.

6.And finish with the lipgloss ;)


Green eyeliner by DOT
Yellow eyeliner by DOT
Black mascara for fat eyelashes by DOT
Black mascara for long eyelashes by DOT
Pink lipstick by DOT
Lipgloss by LUXE

I hope you like it ;)

Send me messages and guestbook comments for the next celebrity ;D

~xoxo B.E.P.Fan_4ever

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