August 21, 2011

Co-Owners, and topics

Congrats to the new co-owner! :)
Co-Owner is....

To add some order I have assigned you 3 days to write for the blog. You guys need to check your work..many of you have grammar, and spelling mistakes, I've seen you say "Her makeup is good." Why? Can't you say "________'s makeup is stunning, and completely beautiful. Her makeup stands out because...." See the difference?

If you cant post for one of these days, let me know, and i'll give you a different schedule.

KKRRBB78-Owner/Graphic Designer (Blog)

MissElydia-Co-Owner (Get's followers, advertises, monitors writers, writes) Writes whenever she can.

Roanna56-Writer/Graphic Designer (Banners for Writers) Writes on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday

Starbuster9000-Writer-Days are Monday, Wednesday, and Sunday

Bloom_James-Writer-Days are Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday  

Gavin274-Writer-Days are Monday, Thursday, and Sunday

Laura_James-Writer-Days are Monday, Wednesday, Saturday

Misslindsayrae- Writer- Days are Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday

xxxluvxx-Writer-Days are Monday, Thursday, and Sunday

TrixieGurl-Writer-Days are Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday

Roanna56-Writer/Graphic Designer (Banners) Days are Tuesday, and Thursday (Sunday when not busy with graphics)

Tell me if...

  • If your blog account is having an error 
  • You're going on Vacation (many of you don't tell me, and sometimes I think your lying :/ )
  • You can't post because (it has to be a good reason)
  • Family emergencies (let me know)
  • Too much homework (starts becoming an issue in September)
  • Other
I need to know about this, guys. This summer the blog has become so un-active...why? 


redhead10793 said...

What about me?

Kkrrbb78♥ said...

oh im so sorry i forgot ya! woops D:

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