August 25, 2011

This is interesting...

 Complicated isn't it? Kate and William? Ok, she started going to the same university he was, but an year earlier, because, she is younger for 1 year! Her mother had this in mind, so she had a one year brake to "travel around the world". When she came back, William started going to the same university! Her mother made sure they are in the same year, that's why she traveled! They were together for 1 year, than he said he wants nothing serious! He was with different models! Than, they were together again! They broke up, than they were back together, so than they got married! 


Well, that is it! For now! before the wedding, they of course, had to get a dress! So they did! And, they didn't buy it! It was made! They women that made the dress had to was there hands every 15 min. WOW!!! The dress was pretty closed! You couldn't see her hands!


One more thing! Now this isn't that funny! Two, just two days later, a girl from Japan weared the same dress on her wedding! I mean...


Hope you found this interesting,
I love you all,
Laura_James :)

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