August 22, 2011

Make it a whole lot easier

Like I said, school is just a week or two away and I am posting about it...
Ok, so, from September, we are not gonna be free! It is time to start with homework! Not just that, perhaps you do other things, like: learn how to speak a new language, or learn how to play volleyball, or baseball, or whatever, you still have to have time to post, take care of your medoll, take your dog in the park, go out with friends and a lot more... Can you do all of this? Yes! Maybe you are really organized, but maybe you are like me (i have to be honest with you) and you can't! Well, if you are i have a suggestion! AGENDA! Don't tell me you have never heard of that! Ok, so, Agenda is something like a notebook where you write what do you have to do all day, and when you finish everything, you put a tick! It is really nice to have one!

p.s. choose an agenda that look super stylish! I have one and i love it!






Eris/ MissAdelajda100 said...

Thank you ♥
I love your school advices :)
Please keep writting more!

Laura_JamesSD said...

Oh thank you very much!!! I will, today, but tomorrow is not my day, so... :D

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