August 22, 2011

Callie.stardoll is mean and a man! :O

Yep, It's me starbuster9000, Sorry i didn't post for ages, But I found out callie.Stardoll is mean and a man! Look what she wrote a couple of years ago and there will be proof!

I know that Callie.Stardoll works for Stardoll but I know two secrets about her:

I have now realised that Callie.Stardoll is a mean person!! She made three sceneries that have her murdering 'Faith Hill' and everyone complained about it. If you want to see it, then go to:

And she is also a man. There is a picture of her sending someone a friend reuest. Here's what she said (right)

She is actually being a bit mean to that person. So do report her!!

Oh my god! :O I believe this, Xoxo Martyna

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