August 22, 2011

Just a minute... Turkey!

I have to say this blog is doing really good. The last time i checked, it had 45 followers, and now 60! WOW Good job kkrrbb78...

What i wanted to talk about is Stardoll... did you notice that most of the things happening are connected to Turkey...? Yeah, i think Stardoll didn't think anyone would notice! What? Well, where was Miss Stardoll World from? Izmir, Turkey.
What are we having a calendar about? Ramadan!
Sea of Stars... The girl that won being in it is from Turkey!
Sea of Stars... part of the story is happening in Istanbul!
Today's Covergirl... From Turkey!
Today's only for superstars dress up dolls... Are from Turkey!

Isn't that strange at all? Like, at all?



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