January 6, 2012

My plans

This is something new, actually. My plans are to find models for my future posts. If anyone is interested you have to:
-Change a few things for the photos. (If you want, you don't have to)
-Tell me how much makeup, jewelry and clothes pages you have

Everyone gets accepted & anyone can do it.  (Sorry, but i won't be able to pay you)

Here is how things will go:

I will choose a combination that can be made by your clothes, and choose makeup and accessories with it. I won't be the one taking the photos. You will do ot and than you will put them in your presentation so i can post them. It's very easy. 

Hope you'll join,


Georgie/ abbeydawn122 said...

I would love to feature in one of your posts as a model. My username is abbeydawn122. I would love to be considered,

-Georgie xx

bracken1234 said...

I Would Love to be a Model :)

~ bracken1234

Laura_James said...

Yay! Thanks! Whenever I need i'm just gonna choose a combination for your doll, an ask you to post it in your pres (remove it after if you want) so i can copy it. Your names will be there so you will take credit.

Kayci♥ said...

great post! :D

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