January 22, 2013

Tips Kayci, TIPS!

Hey, Kayci, you seem to be good at this, so I need some help with schoolwork. Would you tell me how many days a week do you study? How many hours a day do you study? How many hours a day do you write homework?
How do you stay concentrated studying for such a long time?

Pretty please,


kkrrbb78/Kayci♥ said...

Hi Lina! Well, depending on the week. Like, this week I have two tests. I have one tomorrow, so I'm studying now...taking a quick break since I'm not feeling so well :( Well, I don't have exact timings for homework. Homework can take me anywhere from 10 minutes to 5 hours. I try to think about my grades, and think... "imagine if I did good on this, I'll get that grade I want!" I try to motivate myself, ya know? Think of the prize in the future. I study depending on my tests. If i need to memorize a lot i'll usually study for 1-3 hours. If I'm confident I know a lot, i'll only study for an hour. It really depends on everything I have. Take breaks every know and then too remember :) & good luck!


LaLaLina said...

Thank you so much!
Do you study every day?

Anonymous said...

no not at all! Usually 4-2 days a week, depending on how many tests I have. Unfortunatley...next week i have to study 4/5 days, I have 5 exams! ah! :(


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