January 18, 2013


*If you have no idea why I'm doing this, check out my last post*

As you may know, my name is Lina. I don't enjoy giving away information, but everything i'm saying is safe.
-I like: Meditating, Sports (yoga mostly), movies, books, man i love reading and writing, music, history (yes).
-I dislike: Facebook, chemistry, Twilight, 1D, Justing Bieber, volleyball, narcissists, girls that try way to hard to get get a guys attention (it's so lame).

-Hobbies? Horse riding, yoga, meditating, reading, my friends.
-Family...Yeah, I have a family.
-Friends? Yes, I have those too.
-Favorite subject? History!

-Mainly an energetic, but quiet person. I'm not shy, I just prefer being quiet, whats the point of explaining something?
-My friend told me I am a Wallflower.

-I'm actually a really "spiritual person". I meditate every day, and I also practice yoga. I read a lot of Paulo Coelho, now you do the math!
-Yeah, the, meditating part is unusual enough. ^^
-I love animals. I own a cat. He's name is Shiny. But after watching "Life of Pi", I call him Richard Parker.

Well, that is about it.

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