November 19, 2012

Music time!

So, it's weird, but this is my second post today... Enjoy while it lasts, guess I'm in the mood for the Internet today..Anywho, I haven't done this segment in months, and I just feel I have to. Music time. Today, I have 3 songs that I like. Remember, I like those songs, and I'm just sharing, don't be rude if you don't share the same opinion! Why don't you comment what you like?

1.Example-Close Enemies.
Example have a new song, not very famous yet, but really good! First good song after a long time, since lately all we get is Nicki Minaj and Justin Bieber...

2.Marina & The Diamonds-How to be a hearth breaker
Once again, I bring you the amazing Marinaaa. I love her. And she has a new video out. Check it out. And remember, this is my kind of music. Respect it. Please, ignore the picture of the video...:D

3.Linking Park-Burn it down
This song is amazing. It is about 6 months old and the best thing ever! I love Linking Park, and I hope you enjoy this song...

Bye for now little ones,

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