November 22, 2012

Teens react to...

There is this really cool account (and famous) on Youtube that is called "The Fine Brothers" i think...
So they have the:
-kids react
-teens react
-elders react
stuff, and it is so very cool!
To All Twilight Haters such as myself-this one I'm about to share is my absolute favorite! Please, please, please, watch it, it's so awesome! There are other videos I should share with you, but let's begin with this one, shall we?

You won't be disappointed,
and make sure you let me know what ya think!
Yours truly,
Lina <3


Anonymous said...

I LOVE TEENS REACT! but elders react is hysterical lol :3

LaLaLina said...

I love elders react!!! :)

Martyna ZoƩ Talulah said...

I always watch teens react and kids react, it's quite cool and also funny at times.

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