September 2, 2012


Style (Be different)

I'm guessing many of you, had this sentence in your mind, at least once in your life.
"How am i supposed to look good in school, when I'm yet to be proper as well...?"
I know I've put things this way many times. Trust me, it's not hard, not at all!  You can have someone for you: Mom, Sister, Friend, Aunt..To be your stylist!
But it's just fine if you do things your way as well, you just need to know some things:

*You do not have to push it to the limit, okay? No one asks you to show up dressed in bacon.
*Be proper. I know many people, that go to school with shorts so super short, you can see their panties! Up, you notice some almost see-through shirt. But it's so ugly, plus you can see what bra they are wearing.
No! Let me clear this: It-Does-Not-Look-Good.
*Be different.
*Use colors! No one wants to see you dressed for a funeral!
*Put on that dress you bought, but didn't think you'll ever be daring enough to wear!
*Be sweet and simple, if you prefer. How about that cute dress that you find adorable and loving?

(meat dress-Lady Gaga)

Super short shorts


Colors (Benetton)

Daring-Pepe Jeans London

Cute-Pepe Jeans London

to be continued...


Anonymous said...

i like the last pic

LaLaLina said... too

Anonymous said...

good job, bad meat dress of lady gaga lol

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