September 4, 2012

Autumn Top Hot buys

Heey, Martyna here.(: So, I've surfed the internet for you guys to check out some cool outfits for Autumn. As we all know, it's so close to Autumn now, so its goodbye to summer clothes, and of course, summer itself(Sadly). Anyways, I hope you enjoy the post!

1.Bob hats!

Whenever its windy, a bob hat is always fashionable and comfortable! It always puffs up your hair nicely, this always helps complete your style whenever its windy. So if your mum tells you its windy out there, just think 'Ooo, I know just the thing, Bob hat!'. If you don't have one, they usually come at a cheap price. I bought mine for £4.00, you might buy one for more, but it's always worth it.(:

2. Biker Jackets!

Biker jackets always just make it seem more cool!  In autumn, they look really cute! Team your biker jacket up with a skate dress. And voila! You have a perfectly fashionable outfit in a blink of an eye.(:

3.Skater dresses!

Skater dresses always look sassy during autumn. Just a nice, thin belt, will complete the outfit! They're all different, they come in different colours and prints. So you'll definatley find one. You'll be sure to look good in it! Biker dresses are for those more warmer days, on windy days you can wear Neck cape sleeves, which look this:

In addition to the neck cape sleeve, add a nice bob hat, as mentioned before, and a pretty, frilly skirt!

4. Boots!

Nice boots like the ones above on windy days
always work out with most outfits! However, on more warm days, you could wear fashionable shoes like these:

These shoes are called pumps, they're not so amazing, but they don't look like your trying too much, so they're really cute.(:


An oasis ruffle funnel neck trench coat
always completes the girl's style. The most sassy part of it, is how the belt makes you look more slim! I can't describe it, but they're just amazing! I bought mine for about £18.00 and wore it to school, Im telling you - I had the best fashion, seriously!


Satchels just finish off your look. The best ones to get are the ones with flowers, they represent autumn the most!

Long post, Huh? (: Well I spent 2 hours on it, it's also a school night. I won't be posting as much as I usually do, because of school. But I hope you enjoyed this post, I spent a while for the decription to be perfect and for the pictures to be nice. Thanks for reading.(:

Xoxo Martyna Xoxo

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