August 14, 2012

Hey everyone!

I'm Back! 

Hey everyone! Lina here. So... I left Stardoll forever, but i will keep being active on his blog. I won't be posting things about Stardoll (duh..), but i will post real life stuff. Some of my new plans and ideas are:

*My Dream Job
-All about the job you dream of. The details, the ups and downs. I will show you what is good and what bad, cause what might seem like heaven, might just be a little bite out of hell. That's what i'm here for: To make you do the right choice, and when it's done, i'll help you make your dream come true.  

*Health and Beauty
-How to take care of yourself. Your teeth, nails, body, hair... Your body is a machine, you need to take care of it.

*Celebrity of the day
-Every day, i chose one celebrity, and give it to you in the zoom.

*Model of the day
-I'm a really, really big fan of models, that's why, every day, i will make sure you have a closer look on one model. 

~Although, i'm just a writer in this blog, it is my duty as well, to do my best to make it popular. So i will.



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i like ur posts :3

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