July 28, 2012

New Topic!

Hello everyone! Most of you guys will probably notice that my post doesn't have this on the top:

Well, sadly I'm not going to be doing Covergirl/Doll Dish anymore! So, I would like to introduce you to my newest topic. I will be using photos as inspiration for makeup/nail looks on stardoll and/or real life. But, the best part is...the artsy followers will be able to join me in this topic.

WILL BE FEATURED ON GHANDOORA94.BLOGSPOT.COM! --- I would like to introduce you all to the Photography Contest. The contest may happen, or it may not...depending on how many people are interested in joining. If you are, comment & i'll see if the contest can get promoted by various blogs, etc. with the help of Ghadeer (Ghandoora.) Anyways, lets get on with this post! 

My Inspirational Photo of the Day:

Nail Art: (Stardoll)

The nails should look like they're fading. Start off with red on the thumb and pinky fingers, and add a yellow fade polish. Then make your transition from a darker orange, to a lighter orange, and again add a yellow fade polish. Add various nail stickers on the middle finger to create a "sun." The pink bow finishes off the look adding a little more color.

Makeup: (Stardoll)

Again, this look is all about transition from dark to light. You can see it especially in the lips. You start off with a red, then move on to an orange, and finish off with a pink. The blush should be a nude color (like a light pink or a light bronze color.) For this look, the eyes and lips should pop. The eyes should be smokey, starting with a red, to an orange, to a pink. Finishing the look off with some white eyeliner in the corners helps the red look darker and more vibrant. 

I hope you guys enjoyed my first post. Oh, yes! I forgot, my new posts will be called Photo Fashion. :)

Please leave your fead back in the comments! 


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