August 15, 2012

My Care

This is on of my new posts, of course. And now i'm to tell you some tips to a perfect body, and i'm pretty sure you didn't know this. I read it a few hours ago, and it seemed like a good thing to post.
On your way to burning fat?


*Soy products.

*Sugar. And i don't just mean sweets (cakes, cupcakes...). Yes, those are bad too, but there is sugar in things you will never imagine.
-I recommend, always to read what the product is made of

*Crackers, bread and most cereals. Did this surprise you? I think not. Except i know I've heard many diets where you eat cereal 3 times a day. This is wrong! Cereals are not always good for burning fat!
You miss bread?
-You can eat bread made out of rice and stuff.. Or just rice-Yummy!
-Try eating potatoes. I don't make a taste difference, only the one is healthy, and helps burn fat!

*Avoid margarine. This is a gig NO-NO. The margarine is bad, and it's not even natural!
-Use butter instead.

*Bla Bla Bla pills.
-The magic fairy dust that Abra Kadabra burns 1000 kilos a minute?
-Oh c'mon, is there anyone that still believes in that nonsense


*Olive oil, and coconut oil. When you cook, it doesn't make such a difference.
-It's healthy
-And it helps burn fat

*Fruits and vegetables
-You can eat a lot of them, and you don't have to go to bed hungry.

*Products made out of ONE thing.
-Steaks (yes, steaks)
-Olive oil
-Fruits and Vegetables

(imagine your body like this one)

Till next time,

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Kayci♥ said...

like this post! have to stay away from those junk foods(:

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