November 19, 2011


Hey everyone! I did this short little interview for a contest on :D


Being a stardoll blogger with almost 1600 followers, Ghandoora is someone you would think to be known as the common stardoll "elite."

As a typical teenage girl, Ghadeer listens to music, goes on stardoll, and most importantly writes for various blogs. Ghadeer is friends with many girls that are top designers, and fellow bloggers. You would think that Ghadeer is stuck up. Hear the true thoughts, and feelings of Christine, and see what is really is like to live in the life of Ghadeer Carlos.

☆ Ghandoora The Boss ☆

*Please keep in mind that Ghadeer's main language is Arabic! I corrected some mistakes, but please be aware!

So, Ghadeer, you're the owner of, how did you get you're blog to reach almost 1600 followers? Was It a lot of hard work?
Hello all, well it’s really hard to make a famous blog in less than a year, I think the secret of having famous blog is our talented writers and their ideas :) Yes, It was very hard. You have to find good writers, and like their work. Also, advertising. That is hard work as well.

Would you consider yourself a stardoll "elite"?
Well I am Elite , but not in a bad way. I think It's nice to be a part of one of the special group's on a website that has over 150 million members. It makes me feel dedicated to stardoll.

What is your favorite thing about stardoll?
Hmmm.. well it’s really hard question , I think it’s having friends from all over the world with different ages, cultures and religions .. it’s really nice. You don't meet those people a lot in real life.

How did you come up with your username, "Ghandoora?"
Ghandoora is my nickname in real life, I've had it since I was a child, so I chose it to be my nickname on stardoll.

What do you honestly hate about stardoll?
I think it’s harassment , many members harassed me because of my nationality and my religion, it’s really annoying! People online can be very cruel at points.

Desribe yourself in 1 sentance.
A teenager who tries to be unique with her creativity.

What can you say to all the new bloggers that want followers?
Be unique , work on your blog very hard if you want your blog to be successful , don’t copy others, and be yourself.

Any final words?
Special thanks to you Kayci , I enjoyed answering these questions for the interview .. with my love 

With these simple answers, you really think...what is it like to live life like Ghandoora? 


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