November 19, 2011

Music time

Hey followers! S i decided that i want to work for another blog but i am so not giving up of this one! Anyway, it is time for music! You know, that thing i do sometimes! Here we go!

Honestly , i am not some Selena Gomez fan, i am not sure if i even like her, but i do like this song, "hit the lights"!  You have to check it out, if you haven't by now... Here is the link!

So, do you like it. please comment! Ugh, i hate Selena, but she does have some nice songs... OMG! What have i said? So unlike me! Anyway i need to go watch "Wizards of Waverly place"... Oh no! I am becoming a Selena Gomez fan!!! I need to go take a shower, i don't think i am feeling very well... :O

I made my first banner, it isn't special but i like it! So take a look! I am working on another one and it is gonna be better!

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Anonymous said...

LOVE ur posts!!

Jamie-Leigh said...

Love it,

~ bracken1234

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