November 4, 2011

Music Time (plus p.s.)

Hi, so, yeah it's me, Laura_James, and i would like to suggest you a bunch of songs that are new! If you know them, ok, if you don't, still ok.

1. Rihana "we found love", i don't like Rihana in general but i have to admit, this song is pretty good! 

2. Beyonce "Party" ft. J. Cole, so i don't like her ether,the different thing is that i like we found love from Rihana, but i don't like this song, it isn't my type! 

p.s. The new MSW, is from Turkey, again!!!!!!!!! I mean what up with that??? Is every MSW gonna be from Turkey? At first it was ok, but now it is just getting weird and suspicious! Don"t you think so?


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