October 30, 2011

CG Dish

Hello readers!
Today our covergirl is Chelsea-Lena
She is a 17 year old girl from Poland.
She likes fashion and agriculture.

Outfit Rating
Chelsea-Lena's outfit is beautiful! I love the colors! Something I really like is how she included the "Joker Bow." If she didn't her outfit would of looked too plain! The bow actually matches her eyes quite well!
Good job Chelsea-Lena! Very well done!


Suite Rating
Chelsea-Lena's suite is very simple, yet pretty. Her rooms are very creative, and all of her furniture matches well! Below is a room I found very unique. It's simple, and she really didn't have to add a lot to make it look nice. The only con I find is how some of her rooms are a little empty, but otherwise...good job!
4 out of  5 stars!

Makeup Rating

Here are some of Chelsea-Lena's Pictures ^

As you can see her makeup is the same in both pictures. She used black and white eyeliner with some false sunny bunny eyelashes. Her lips are a pale pink with LUXE lip shiner, and she has a warm pink blush on. I like it. It's simple, but it works! I would like to see a little more creativity, but nice work Chelsea-Lena!

Final rating....
4.5 out of 5 stars!
Amazing Job


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