November 4, 2011


It has been a long time since anyone has done this! But i think it is time for me to do it!
My competition is called " Fall/Winter collection on me"! And here is what you do: You dress your medoll in some clothes that are from the Fall/Winter collection of it doesn't what brand (your choice), inform me, put that picture in you presentation and i will see it! This competition starts today and ends in 5 days! You have plenty of time! Also, it will get you 5 stardollars! Don't like the price, i so don't care!

p.s. If i don't get at least 3 people to enter, i swear in my self i will never work for this blog ever again! EVER


Anyway, check this out!



My main point of this post is still the competition, enter if you want! I am not gonna say : plz, plz, plz to anyone, i learned a long time ago that it is never good to beg someone! I am never gonna be so low again!
And even if yo don't enter, well let me just say: i have nothing to lose...


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