April 28, 2011

Contest!!!! 125 members???


Hey guys! Am so sorry I haven't posted in forever!

Now I have something I want to tell you all, I want to have 125 members! But, there's something better I want you guys to help me to get them, I making you all a deal, if this blog reaches 125 members by the end of may, I will randomly pick TWO members of the blog to get 25 STARBUCKS each!!! But there's something even better! If we reach 300 members by the end of may I will pick ONE lucky followerer to get 100 STARDOLLARS!! Sound like a good deal!? I sure hope so!

Now go! Ask your friends to join! Doll mail every one of them!!!
Tell them if they join they could win!!

Now Hurry you have to the end of MAY!

- Gwen

1 comment:

itickets123 said...

go guys go! i already asked a whole bunch of people! can you get more then me?????

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